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We offer a variety of classes for students and continuing education

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Professional Facial

One-on-One Class

Louisiana State Board Theory

Louisiana State Board Practical


Facial Gua Sha

Lymphatic Drainage

Facial Massage

Brazilian Waxing

Advanced Ingredients

Advanced Tools

Online Class

State Board Prep

Test Your Knowledge with over 2,000 practice test questions, videos, and slides all in one convenient location! No need to download another outdated app.

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Laptop Writing

Licensed Estheticians

"taking the extra mile and studying with Ms. Stephane was nothing short of amazing. Not only did i leave feeling more confident about taking my written exam, but i knew so much more information about skin, diseases, & everything that i needed to have more knowledge about with this career. Everything that she taught me helped me with taking my exam, and I couldn’t have done it without her. She never doubts you and knows that you have the potential to be great at what you love to do! She’s amazing at what she does and I would sit with her everyday if i could! I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to help me out!"

- Sarah Fontenot

"Everyone knows being a student is hard but my instructor, Stephane', has made this journey so positive and pleasant. She is talented, passionate, and patient. She will make sure your filled with the knowledge  you need in order to be successful. She is simply a blessing!"

- Alana Ledet

I would spend hours studying and could never find a platform that contained it all in one place until It is such an amazing platform with all the information you need and is categorized my topic. It helped me pass my theory exam on the first try and I would 100% recommend to other upcoming estheticians!

- Destinee Maturin

"Stephane' was my teacher for clinic and her passion and drive for the beauty industry is really what helped me stay focused and interested in the material being taught! If you have a question she will definitely answer it above and beyond your expectations. This is her passion and it shows. 10/10 recommend!"

- Dorothy Bernard

"Thanks to this course, it helped so much with passing my exams! It also is a great way to brush up on any information you may have forgotten from school. It is helpful, and informational- with informational slides and helpful quizzes! I knew exactly where my problem areas were and what I needed to brush up on. If you are questioning it, don’t! It is great for beginner esthis or those in need of extra help!”

- Kenzie Simon

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